MissionFund helps the whole Body of Christ raise funds transparently.



MissionFund hilft dem ganzen Leib Christi, Geld zu beschaffen.


MissionFund Official Partners 공식 협약 단체

  • YWAM


  • MissionFund is a Christian community-chest ministry.
  • 100% of the offering is delivered.
  • MissionFund is a ministry that serves by helping to fundraise for churches, mission organizations, missionaries, and each individual. Any churches, mission organizations, small groups, missionaries, and individuals can join as members. Anyone can send an offering to any organization or individual that he/she wants.
  • MissionFund helps fundraising effectively in order for missionaries and ministers to spend more time on their ministries. Moreover, to ensure transparency and accounting, MissionFund is a trustworthy channel to send offerings to an individual or an organization.

MissionFund Ministry Principles

  • 100% of the donations will be delivered to a specified member.
  • Public display of revenues and contributions transparently in real-time
  • The highest level of financial management in accordance with international financial accounting principles.

Service for Supporters

  • We provide a reliable online payment method for a supporter to give offering conveniently.
  • Supporters can always view their donation history and records.

Service for Members

  • We provide domestic/international online payment method for supporters to send their offerings conveniently.
  • We forward the list of supporters and donation record in real-time.
  • We manage the supporters on a regular basis.
  • We manage prayer and thank-you letters for supporters.
  • We provide missionaries, mission organizations, and churches with advisory services for financial development and management. Participate

Support MissionFund !

  • “Poor, yet making many rich” (2 Co 6:10).
  • If you support MissionFund, we will be able to better serve the missionaries and mission organizations around the world.
  • 12145 Mora Dr.#3, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670


is a nonprofit, interdenominational ministry chartered by the State of California and tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under code section 501(c)(3), dedicated to building up the Body of Christ.
Address   45824 Boulder Way, Temecula CA 92592
Email tim@missionfund.org
Website www.MissionFund.org
One Mission We Build Up the Body of Christ.
One Vision ① Abundant Life to Christians !
② Eternal Life to Non-Christians !