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  • WingWing represents two wings (strong Body and Spirit)
    that we셱e trying to put children in Bangladesh.

    What is WingWing Center?

    삛 Was built in 2007 with 20 urban poor children in Dhaka.
    Bangladesh and currently have 600 children embracing their unique and individual value in Jesus as we help them develop Christ-like character so they grow stronger in their faith.

    2007뀈뿉 꽭썙議뚯뒿땲떎.
    2007뀈 20뿬 紐낆쓽 鍮덈쇨 뼱由곗씠뱾濡 떆옉븯뿬, 쁽옱뒗 600뿬 紐낆씠 쐷쐷쓣 넻븯뿬 轅덉쓣 궎슦怨 엳뒿땲떎.

    삛 We focus on the children living in urban slum.
    We want to address the unique challenges rising urban poverty pose to Christian faith and mission.
    Around 100,000 new slum residents are added each day and by 2050 half the world셲 population could live in these morphing and moving slum neighborhoods.
    Modern mission and development, highly dependent on large, stable institutions rarely works here.
    Yet it셲 much easier to share the love of Christ amongst the urban poor because they셱e not bound with customs and kinship anymore.

    룄떆鍮덈 뼱由곗씠뱾뿉寃 吏묒쨷빀땲떎.
    룄떆 鍮덈쇱 슃援ш 떎뼇븯怨 씠룞씠 옦븘꽌 1:1 寃곗뿰궗뾽쓣 븯湲 뼱젮썙 遺遺꾩쓽 NGO뱾룄 쇅硫댄빀땲떎.
    洹몃읆뿉룄 遺덇뎄븯怨 룄떆鍮덈쇱 利앷븯怨 엳쓣 肉먮쭔 븘땲씪, 듅엳 꽑援먮뒗 愿뒿怨 移쒖” 怨듬룞泥대줈 臾띠뿬엳뒗 떆怨⑤낫떎뒗 룄떆媛 썾뵮 슜씠븯湲 븣臾몄엯땲떎.

    삛 How We Work?
    We support and help to look after the well-being of a child in need until that child becomes self-sufficient spiritually and economically in the society, so that the child can develop a lifelong relationship with God.

    씠젃寃 궗뿭쓣 븯怨 엳뒿땲떎.
    븘씠뱾씠 궗쉶뿉 吏꾩텧븯뿬 寃쎌젣쟻, 쁺쟻 옄由쎌쓣 븷 븣源뚯 吏냽쟻쑝濡 븘슂뱾쓣 吏썝븯硫 뼇쑁빀땲떎.

    삛 There are no expenses for the fundraising and management.
    Every dollar you give goes directly to program activities helping children in our programs. Therefore, every resource given to us can transform a real child셲 life.

    紐④툑쓣 쐞븳 뻾젙鍮꾨굹 솉蹂대퉬 吏異쒖쓣 븯吏 븡뒿땲떎.
    썑썝湲 쟾븸씠 쁽吏 븘룞 궗뿭뿉 吏, 媛꾩젒쑝濡 吏썝 맗땲떎.
    뵲씪꽌 씪諛 NGO뱾 蹂대떎 쟻 鍮꾩슜쑝濡 1紐낆쓽 븘룞쓣 슚怨쇱쟻쑝濡 吏썝 븷 닔 엳쓣 肉먮쭔 븘땲씪 臾댁뾿蹂대떎룄 뼱由곗씠瑜 留먯쑝濡 뼇쑁븯뿬 삁諛곗옄 吏뿭 怨듬룞泥대 꽟湲곕뒗 由щ뜑濡 꽦옣 븯룄濡 룙뒿땲떎.

    삛 뿰留 젙궛떆 꽭湲 怨듭젣 삙깮씠 媛뒫빀땲떎.(븳援/誘멸뎅 紐⑤몢)

    뻾蹂듯븳 궡씪쓣 轅덇 닔 엳룄濡 쐷쐷쓽 븘씠뱾뿉寃 援먯쑁쓽 湲고쉶瑜 꽑臾 빐 二쇱꽭슂!

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    #169 Anika 瑜 썑썝븯怨 떢뒿땲떎

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    1 year ago

    sponsoring 3 children

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    移대뱶 蹂寃쎌엯땲떎. 씠쟾 썑썝 移대뱶뒗 궘젣 遺긽뱶由쎈땲떎.

  • $20 / mo. Hyuk Lee

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    238踰 Tammana (Riya)瑜 썑썝빀땲떎.

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    Anika (븘땲源) 썑썝 븯寃좎뒿땲떎.

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